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Burlington's Midnight Sun Tanning has been owned by the same family for 27 years.  Let Connie expertly answer all your tanning and spray tanning questions? 


Question: I heard that getting a Spray Tan will streak, making you look like a zebra.  Does yours do that?

Answer: The value of getting an "airbrushed tan" is that clients won't be streaked.  Its like painting a canvas - its artwork!  When they get a custom airbrush tan, the tanning technician takes the time to make sure they are completely and evenly bronzed. 

Question: I spend lots of time in the outdoors all summer so my upper body gets plenty of sun.  My legs however never see the light .  Can I just tan my legs?

Answer: Yes, your in luck.  We have one of the GTA's "LEGS ONLY" machines.  Sessions run 10-15 minutes and you will be amazed at the results!

Question: My daughter is 17 but suffers with psoriasis.  The UV light helps her keep it under control.  Is she allowed to tan?

Answer: As of November 1st people under the age of 18 are no longer able to use tanning beds by law.  We, at Midnight Tanning, are required to ask for I.D., However, if given a medical exemption (doctor's note) they are allowed. 

Question: I am 17 am I still allowed to Tan.

Answer: Yes, as of date anyone can tan in Burlington However at Midnight Sun people under the age of 16 must have consent ffrom a parent. We will keep you posted if things should change.

Question: Will tanning in a tanning bed prevent me from getting a sunburn on my vacation?

Answer: Sunburn Prevention-Yes, a tan is your natural protection against sunburn and increases the effectiveness of sunscreen - one reason tanners sunburn much less often than non-tanners

Question: I love having my body sprayed but I don't want the solution on my face.  How can you prevent that?

Answer:  Airbrush tanning is a personalized service - the client is in complete control of what body parts they wish to be tanned.  The applicator is designed to spray only where the technician aims.

Question: Now that the summer is here can I use my indoor tanning lotion outside?

Answer: Yes! Please note however that indoor tanning products DO NOT contain sunscreens  so please use in conjunction with an SPF product.  Also tingle products are NEVER recommended for tanning outdoors. 

Question: Am I getting Vitamin D from a tanning bed?

Answer: Our Northern Latitude makes vitamin D production nearly impossible from October through March, UV generated by the sun and tanning equipment are the same. (however tanning equipment is controlled) With one tanning session you can receive anywhere between 10,000-20,000 IU's!

Question: Will my Spray Tan look natural and not orange?

Answer: YES!  Spray Tanning has come along way!  Our Norvell Amber Sun is the most natural color on the market and the #1 choice of americans.  The DHA balances to your skin and gives you the customized shade of color your skin would naturally tan. 

Question: Why tan indoors

Answer: Indoor tanning provides a controlled UV environment and allows you to monitor UV exposure time to the minute.  People chose to tan for psychological and physiological reasons. Most seek the cosmetic value of darker skin as a way to heighten mood and self-esteem.  Others tan to help their bodies produce Vitamin D, or to treat psoriasis in a doctor's care. 

Question:  Like the feeling/energy I get when I am in the sunshine.  I find in the Fall and Winter months,  I do not feel the same way (due to lack of sunshine)  Do tanning beds give you the same type of energized feeling.

Answer:  Hi Kathryn YES THEY DO! Humans as all animals have a natural attraction to the sun!  Why?  Because we NEED it!  The energy you get is from vitamin D which is acheived best through indoor tanning in the winter months here in our northern hemispere. In one tanning session you recieve between 10,000 - 20,000 units of Vitamin D compared to a suppliment of 1,000.  Wow what a difference.  Watch this clip and learn more from Dr. Oz

Question: Why do I have white circles on my shoulder blades and tailbone?

Answer: The body has pressure points when laying on the plexiglass which may remain white, due to lack of circulation.  In order to minimize these spots, it is advisable to shift your weight and alternate your position in the bed, OR try our stand-up.

Question:  Do I have to wear the eyewear(goggles)?

Answer:  The skin on your body is thinnest around the eyes; UV light can easily penetrate this skin, causing burns, cataracts, poor night vision or possible permanent loss of sight.  Repeated, unprotected exposure to UV light may cause long-term damage to your eyes.  That is why we require tanners to use eyewear everytime they time.  At Midnight Sun their is NO excuses because we provide the goggles to our customers FREE of charge for them to borrow and are disinfected after each use.

Question: Why should I tan indoors or out?

Indoor tanning provides a controlled UV environment and allows you to monitor UV exposure time to the minute.  Also 15 minutes with a tanning session is equivalent to 4 hours outdoors!  Enjoy your summer having fun and enjoy your tanning inside without any pests and with air conditioning! 

Question: Can I use my indoor tanning lotion outside?

Yes, if used in conjunction with an SPF.  Note that tingle products are NOT recomended for tanning outdoors.  


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